by Duncan Walker

The King of Brentford

William Makepeace Thackeray

Another author that mentions Brentford in his works is William Makepeace Thackeray, a 19th century English author, who was famous as a satirist.

Thackeray’s poem The King Of Brentford pokes fun at King George IV.

by Duncan Walker
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Broadside Ballads
and Brentford

When exploring Brentford’s rich and exciting history during the 16th and 17th centuries, I have come across a fascinating form of communication of that time, the broadside ballad, and wondered if there were any connected to Brentford.

I found tales of thirteen poor cuckolds, a philanderer, a bonny lass and a punk from Brentford. .....

by Duncan Walker

Brentford Ait
Wild, Beautiful and Notorious

Who would have thought, when looking over to the serene beauty of Brentford Ait, that instead of nesting cormorants, it once hosted an infamous tavern, The Three Swans, which was used as a secret rendezvous by the Prince of Wales and his mistress.

Local residents in Kew complained about the noisy Inn and described it as a great nuisance to the parish, a house of entertainment, where riotous and indecent scenes were exhibited.

by Duncan Walker

A Ripper runs amok
on the streets of Brentford

Photo of the Moon

Relax! It only happens in a novel,
The Rising of the Moon (1945), by Gladys Mitchell, but I can recommend it as an interesting read, especially for Brentfordians trying to identify the locations she describes in Brentford.

by Duncan Walker

The Three Pigeons Inn
in Brentford

The Three Pigeons was once a bustling tavern that used to grace the south-west corner of the Brentford Market Place. In its heyday in the 17th and 18th century, when Brentford was a busy market and resort town, it was a coaching inn, which could stable up to one hundred horses. It sadly closed in 1916.

by Duncan Walker

George Manville Fenn

Book Cover

Brentford author, George Manville Fenn was a writer of fiction for over fifty years. He wrote over 170 novels. He lived at Syon Lodge, London Road, just before Busch Corner.

by Duncan Walker

Where did Samuel Pepys
have a drink in Brentford?

It is 350 years ago since Samuel Pepys started his famous diary on 11 July 1660. See the BBC News article “Who was the man behind the diaries, Samuel Pepys?” which has a pointer to the diary online.

by Duncan Walker

John Milton
and the Battle of Brentford

John Milton’s Sonnet VIII, ‘When the Assault Was Intended to the City’, was inspired by the Royalists’ attack of the Roundheads at Brentford in 1642, when Milton was then a school teacher in Aldersgate Street, in London.

by Duncan Walker

Charles Dickens
Curious connections with Brentford

What started as a search for all references to Brentford in Charles Dickens’s novels, led me to a more curious connection to Brentford.

by Duncan Walker

Vincent van Gogh
walked through Brentford

Vincent van Gogh lived in Isleworth and sometimes walked through Syon Park to Turnham Green.

I wonder what he thought of Brentford?

by Duncan Walker

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